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Lung health checks are coming to Rossendale.

Your lungs work hard every minute of your life. As you get older it's worth getting them checked out. 

People who are registered with a GP in Blackpool, aged from 55 to 74 and who smoke or have ever smoked will be offered a new free NHS lung health check.

Run by specialist nurses, lung health checks aim to find out how well your lungs are working.

A lung health check can give you the reassurance that your lungs are healthy, or can help find problems early – often before you notice anything is wrong. If lung cancer, or another problem with your breathing or lungs, is found early, treatment could be simpler and more successful.

The health check will be conducted by a lung specialist nurse and will involve discussing any symptoms. The results of this will be used to determine whether patients are invited to have a low-dose CT scan.

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